Interior design cost & services price list

How much does an interior designer cost  in Dubai UAE?

There is price list to order interior design services.

We creates a complete design projects for a residential houses and commercial premises: from an idea to a full professional set of planing & decoration set of documents that allows to execute a creative idea to the real.

Interior design services price list

We have made our prices as clear as possible and open to you. Our interior design fees depend on the size of your house. To calculate the cost you just need to multiply the size of the premises by noticed below price.


  • Concept creating
  • 3D visualizations
  • Shop Drawings
  • Materials selection
  • Furniture selection


- 60%


The creation of a design project for from 500 to 700 sq.m. houses costs AED 150 per sq.m.

- 65%


If the size is between 700 and 1000 square meters, the cos is AED 130 per sq.meter

- 70%


Our minimum cost for interior designing of AED 110 per sq. m. is provided for projects above 1000 sq.m.

Here we describe the price list presented in the table above. Fancy house company charges for interior design services 350 Dirhams per square meter. Also we provide a good discounts for large residential projects. To calculate the interior design cost you need only choose the size category of your home and multiply the house size by appropriate charge per square meter you see above.

For example, your villa is 550 sq.m.. Then your category is the second one – 150 Dirhams. Multiply 550 by 150 and get the amount of 82,500 Dirhams. It is the price without VAT. 

What the prices include

Presented above price list includes cost of creating a complete interior design project. It means we will work to develop an unique interiors from scratch to a full set of documents you need to execute it.

  • A mood board to find ideas you like as a concept
  • Space plan with furniture (a layout plan) 
  • 3D visualizations (as real photos of the interiors)
  • Specifications
  • Selection of furniture & materials

  • Detailed drawings
  • Floors drawings
  • Walls (Elevations)
  • Ceiling drawings
  • Sections

All of these documents allows to execute fit out works on high level of quality. A contractor should follow the drawings & visualizations, as well as to use selected materials to realize the unique design we have made for your house.

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Huge projects usually requests additional services, such as preparing tender documents, BOQ, lighting estimation and so on. We are pleased to provide all services.

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