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Restaurant fit out & Restaurant interior design Dubai UAE

Cafes, restaurants and other places of public catering facilities are places of mass gathering of people. So, the interior design here should be pleasant to everyone, both bright, but not too flashy, so as not to create a too pompous atmosphere.
Naturally, everything depends on the specifics of the catering facility . But if you want a professional interior design firm works on the design of your cafe or restaurant, our restaurant interior designers is at your service.

Restaurant interior design in Dubai

The specificity of catering is that it is visited by people with different interior preferences. This forces the owners to make universal interiors that do not go beyond the general concept. That is, a national or classical restaurant, a youth or music cafe should be authentic and at the same time pleasant to all visitors.

Despite the great difference between different catering types, the unifying moment is convenience for every guest. Therefore, the design of the Fancy House interior design firm has exceptional ergonomics. The interior will be comfortable not only for visitors, but also for personnel who can easily perform their duties.

Very important moments are the hygiene and fire safety of interior solutions. These aspects are assessed by authorities. Our restaurant interior designers have full information about the permissibility of using this or that material in the finishing of a cafe, bar or restaurant in Dubai and offer such solutions that are guaranteed not to cause complaints from inspectors.

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Dubai restaurant fit out & restaurant design

restaurant interior design in dubai fitted out by Fancy Houzz

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Cafe fitouts and restaurant interior design in Dubai

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Fancy restaurant interior design


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How we work

  1. You send an application to calculate your project of restaurant design:
    just call us or text via online chat on our website
  2. We have meeting in our Dubai office, or at the site
    We talk about your desires, on the basis of which we will draw up a technical project
  3. To sign a contract:
    It will contain the stages of work and timing.
  4. Working drawings creation
  5. 3D visualization of all rooms:
    It will be created 3D visualization of your restaurant design. You will see all rooms before the execution begins
  6. Construction works
    We do all restaurant fit out works
  7. Selection of furniture:
    we order all furniture and equipments or you use the services of your equipment provider
  8. Your modern restaurant interior design is ready


Dubai style of restaurant interior design

Get restaurant interior design cost

1. Choose property type
2. Which style do you prefer more?
3. Size of your object (Square Meters):
4. Where is your object located?
5. Do you need a project design or the execution?

Restaurant fit out cost & Restaurant interior design cost

Project and the fit out works cost depends on many factors. For a rough estimate, it is enough to know a few basic factors that determine the cost. If you would like to get a price estimate, just fill out the form on the left.

Choose details of the catering object to figure out the cost:

  1. a property type: restaurant.
  2. the style of your restaurant design.
  3. the size of the catering object in square meters. If you do not know, just describe in the comment field. 
  4. write, please, where your restaurant is located (city, district).
  5. you need a design project, execution, or both.

Our vision of restaurant fit out in the UAE

The quality of repair of restaurants and cafes is assessed not only by the owner and visitors, but also by employees of controlling organizations. Therefore, the final result of repair and finishing works must meet a number of criteria:

Follow the sanitary and hygienic standards, as well as the requirements of electrical and fire safety (this applies to the characteristics of materials, and the quality of work).

  1. Optimal implementation of the design concept.
  2. Be aesthetically attractive.
  3. Increase the functionality of the premises.
  4. Create a pleasant atmosphere for the guests' relaxation and comfortable working conditions in the service areas.

Fancy House offers a fit out service of restaurants and cafes "on a turn-key basis". We are able to work with expensive materials. Among our specialists there are highly qualified engineers who will ensure that the work meets all standards and requirements, and the professional team is ready to perform repairs in a short time.

Fancy House is one of the leader of the Dubai restaurant interior design firms. Entrust us with creating and execution a unique design for your restaurant.

Fancy Houzz restaurant interior design dubai

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