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Salon fit out & Salon interior design in UAE

The interior design of a beauty salon should be with sense! In terms of design, lightness and femininity are always welcome here. And if you own or are planning to become one, then work up to the last detail of interior design will be for you a very big plus. If at the moment the interior is not such, but you clearly set this goal, the interior design studio Fancy House is at your service. We have an extensive experience in creation of interior design and fit out of beauty salons. With us you can be sure that your beauty parlor will be the most stylish in the city.

How to design a beauty salon

Quality interior design of beauty salons should optimize the maximum comfort of customers and the convenience of staff. To form this, absolutely everything is important. Only in this case it is possible to design a stylish interior, which will also be practical and functional. Competent interior should provide aesthetic pleasure and charge positive energy.

Another important task to be solved with the help of developing a professional interior design project is to inform the necessary information to potential clients. Yes, it is the task for salon interior design! It is the design that shapes the clients' opinion about the decent level of the place, the quality of the services provided in it, and so on.

Optimization of working personnel is no less important function of qualitative design projects of interiors of beauty salons. It is necessary to think carefully about the comfortable beauty salon layout design of office and common areas, correctly zoning space, etc.

All the furnishings in the modern beauty salon should be disposable and unobtrusive. This interior can be made in a variety of styles, depending on your wishes.

To avoid possible mistakes in the development of a beauty salon design project, it is worthwhile to turn to professionals who have sufficient experience and knowledge in this field.

Examples of fitting out and designs
Steps to design a beauty salon
What Fancy House design projects include

Beauty salon fit out and design

Fancy beauty salon design

hair salon design in UAE

Fancy beauty salon interior design in Dubai

nail and hair beauty salon design by FancyHouzz

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Steps to design a beauty salon with Fancy House

  1. Send an application for the development of a design project:
    to do this, just write us on the online chat.
  2. Meeting with our beauty salon designer:
    we discuss your wishes and draw up a technical project for the development of a design project
  3. Signing of the agreement:
    we agree on the stages and terms. We make a measurement.
  4. Preparation of working documentation:
    prepare a complete package of drawings for implementation.
  5. Creation of 3D visualization of all rooms:
    we will show the interior of your dreams even before the repair begins
  6. Performance of repair and finishing and construction works
  7. Selection of modern salon furniture:
    agree on a plan for the purchase of material and salon furniture.
  8. It is ready:
    we give you a job, and you are the owner of a beauty parlor with a fashionable interior and effective planning!



fitted out beauty salon in the UAE

  • Dimension salon plan for the interior
  • Plan for dismantling existing partitions and structures
  • The plan for the installation of partitions and structures, including the binding of erected partitions with the indication of all sizes, heights, thicknesses
  • Plan with arrangement of beauty salon furniture and equipment
  • Plan with types of decoration on the walls
  • Draft sketches or collages of the future interior
  • Sketches of the future 3D interior are provided in the form of a photorealistic image
  • Salon layouts floor plans, types of coatings with the direction of laying, laying tiles with decorative elements



  • Beauty salon floor plans
  • Ceiling plan
  • Salon layout plans of lighting devices
  • The plan of fixing the fixtures to the switches
  • Layout of power and low-voltage sockets
  • Plan for the placement of fans and air conditioning units
  • Plumbing fixture plan
  • Door opening plan
  • Reamers of walls in all rooms
  • Specification for finishing materials
  • Author's supervision

Get beauty & hair salon fit out costs

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Beauty & hair salon fit out costs

Design project and the salon fit out works cost depends on many factors. For a rough estimate, it is enough to know a few basic factors that determine the cost. If you would like to get a price estimate, just fill out the form on the left.

Choose details of the catering object to figure out the cost:

  1. a property type: Beauty salon.
  2. prefered style design.
  3. the size of the object in square meters. If you do not know, just describe in the comment field. 
  4. write, please, where your salon is located (city, district).
  5. you need a design project, execution, or both.

The role of fancy beauty salon design & modern salon furniture

Most beauty salons are quite similar to each other. The furniture is of the same type, the decoration is monotonous and often boring. And in many salons repair was not done at all for years. But we are sure that you want to make your beauty salon truly modern and profitable. And we will help you in this.
All that is required of you is to order an interior design for your salon from Fancy House. And you can be sure that it will be completely individual and effective.

We know how much exclusivity and eccentricity is important in your work. An important indicator of a good beauty salon is a pleasant atmosphere that allows you to relax. And we know how to ensure this. We provide premium services to each of our clients. And you will not be an exception.

You can be sure that in our project every detail, every insignificant element will be taken into account. After all, it is from such trifles that a general picture is constructed. It should be excellent, isn't it? For the purpose of complex interior renovation, the best solution is to fit out a beauty salon on a turn-key basis. Thanks to that you can get rid of the standard interior and, in fact, get a completely new room, which is qualitatively different from what was before.

The interior must be stylish and modern. This is highly appreciated not only by you, but by all your clients. Take advantage of our services, and you will not regret for a minute about the money and time spent.

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