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Swimming in your own home is a great opportunity to keep your body in shape and just relax after a hard day. But full comfort from staying in it can be obtained only if its design is really well-developed.

Fancy House is ready to develop for you an individual design project of the pool. With us you can be completely sure of the perfect result.

Swimming pool interior design

It is a complex process that takes into account many factors. It is necessary to initially determine their shape and dimensions, depth, availability of additional equipment (for example, it can be artificial waves, hydromassage, waterfalls, etc.). Undoubtedly, special attention should be given to the safety and convenience. If we talk about indoor facilities, we must remember the high level of humidity and ensure a good ventilation system. It is important to choose high-quality moisture-proof materials for wall, ceiling and floor finishing.

Pools are the place where it is necessary to provide competent of lighting design not only to create a beautiful space, but in order to provide a sufficient level of security. In such places it is better to avoid shadows and overexposures. Creating lighting under water, our swimming pool designer takes into account and distortion of light.

To create a unique and individual atmosphere for the swimming pool design, it is possible to use moisture-resistant photo printing on tiles, thematic murals and wall painting. To create a natural atmosphere we use natural materials and plants that love the high humidity conditions. The most important thing is to make the interior aesthetic, safe and functional.

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swimming pool design in UAE

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How we work

  1. You send a request for your swimming pool design
    Just make a call or text us via our online chat in the right corner of the screen
  2. We invite you to meet at a place convenient for you in the UAE 
    You will tell about your preferences. We will draw up a technical project
  3. Signing of a contract:
    We will sign a contract for design project and execution
  4. We will prepare the layout and the drawings of the pool area
  5. We will create 3D visualizations of swimming pool design:
    You will see what you will have as result before the execution begins
  6. Construction and finishing works
  7. Selection and ordering of pool equipment and furniture
  8. Your swimming pool interior design is ready!
    Now you have a wonderful swimming pool. You can enjoy your rest here, spend time with guests, relax while looking at the water in a pleasant atmosphere of modern interior design.




private swimming pool interior design in UAE


Swimming pool design projects include

  1. Measurement plans of swimming pool and around area
  2. Equipment and furniture plans with explication
  3. Dismantling and installation plans
  4. Layout of flooring and wall materials
  5. Plan of plumbing
  6. Plan of wall decoration


  • Ceiling plans, if it is indoor outdoor swimming pool design project
  • Plan of components and specifications
  • Electricity plan
  • Plan of lighting elements
  • Plans of deployment of tiles
  • Specifications for finishing materials and color maps
  • Plan of flora

The design of a pool area

What is a modern pool? Of course,  that is not just a reservoir of water. The style of the pool and the room around play an extremely important role. It should be comfortable and pleasant to be here. The atmosphere should relax. If you are not satisfied with your swimming pool and you want to make a turn-key renovation of your pool , our swimming pool designers will happily help to make the first and most important step: to create a swimming pool design project. And our fit out team will execute the project at the highest level.

Why is the pool design project and its execution with Fancy House a good idea? We gladly explain.

  1. Firstly, after getting the layout of the swimming pool interior design, you will immediately see what you get in the end.
  2. Secondly, ordering a design project and execution in our company you will be insured against execution problems for 100%.
  3. Finally, the work always happens faster, if you order everything in one place.



swimming pool interior design for a privat house

Swimming pool interior design can be quite varied. Starting from a laconic tile with the usual bluish tint, ending with luxury gold and silver. Everything to your taste. We guarantee premium services, which means that we are ready to execute even the brightest and most unusual ideas of our clients. Do you have your own thoughts about design? Excellent! We are happy to implement them. There are no ideas? No problem! The swimming pool designer will create it, and we will offer you, and you will already choose what you like most from the offer.

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