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Fancy house is one of the leader of office interior design and office fit out companies in Dubai. We know that office design reflects the style of the company, its solidity and must be practicality. The office is primarily a workplace. And this fact dictates its own rules. Restraint and working atmosphere must be present. But the most important thing is to be comfortable working. Think about does your room meet these requirements? If not, then our interior design company is ready to fix it. Contact us and your office will be truly modern.

Dubai office design and fit out

Interior design for office should take into account all the needs of employees: space for fast moving and easy cooperation, convenient furniture, sufficient lighting and ventilation. It is important to not make too many details so that nothing distracts employees from the workflow.
When our office interior designers create solution, they can use your industry sector as an inspiration for the project. For example, interior designers use a game theme if your company is developing games. However, often optimal solutions are minimalism. Finishing can be made of both modern polymer materials or wood, that gives stylish, solid look.
Fancy House designers will carefully create all the details of the interior, strive for maximum rationality and convenience of all elements. In carrying out the project, our specialists will comply with the requirements of civil defense, which must be observed in the UAE. Our highly qualified office fit out specialists will be able to execute any difficulty project, that meet all the client's desires and requirements of government regulations.

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- Examples of office fit out in Dubai
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Dubai office design & office fit out

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Office fit out solutions in Dubai

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How we work

  1. You send a request for the calculation of your office interior design:
    just phone us or leave your request via online chat
  2. We have meeting at the site
    We learn your needs, which is the basis for calculating the project
  3. Sign the contract:
    We fix our agreements, determine the stages and terms of the office design and fitting out of project.
  4. We make working drawings
  5. We make3D visualization of premises:
    Сreated 3D visualizations of the office interior allow you to see all the solution before the execution starts
  6. Construction works
    Our fit out specialists do all types of works
  7. Furniture selection :
    we will select and order all furniture 
  8. You are oner of modern and stylish office.


Office design in UAE

Get office design project & office fit out costs

1. Choose property type
2. Which style do you prefer more?
3. Size of your object (Square Meters):
4. Where is your object located?
5. Do you need a project design or the execution?

Office interior design and office fit out cost estimate

Cost of an interior design project and fit out works depend on many indicators. However, in order to obtain an approximate estimate it is enough to know several basic parameters, which determine the cost. If you want to get an estimate of the cost you just need to fill the form on the left hand.

Enter the details of your object to find out the cost estimate:

  1. Choose a property type: an office.
  2. Choose the style of your office interior design. It is enough to choose one of two: you design will be more classical with lots of details or very modern, with a very small amount of details.
  3. Indicate the size of your office in square meters. If you do not know, please indicate roughly or simply describe your property in the comment field.
  4. Type where your property is located: city, district.
  5. Point out you need a design project, execution, or both.

Efficiency of the interior

It is very important here that nothing distracts people from doing the work. Restrained minimalism is one of the most logical solutions to this task. Take into account at least the same offices of Google. They are bright, unusual and even a little childish, but at the same time balanced with minimalist style.

As practice shows, this design also stimulates creative work. Therefore, if you decide to do turn-key reconstruction, you can focus not on the generally accepted foundations, but on your own preferences. And we will help you to realize all this in the best possible way. We are one of the leader of office fit out and office interior design companies in dubai. Rely on us to create a unique interior design for your office.

What is necessary to make an effective and stylish workplace? The most important thing is a full-fledged design project. You will immediately see how your rooms will be after repair. It allow to remove all unnecessary and add something extra, if you will want it. It's much cheaper and more convenient than later to remake everything. We are ready to develop for you premium-class or small office interior design, that will meet all modern requirements. Also we offer turnkey services when we create the design and fit out it from A to Z.

In any workplace, it is important not only its style, but also functionality. It is very important to consider where and how all equipment, furniture, other elements will be located. And we are ready to do all this for you. We will create an ideal workplace that stimulates the work process and creates the right atmosphere.

Our office fit out vision

Offices are predominantly a public area, so we recommend that we follow a few key rules for repairs:

  1. Follow the norms of electrical and fire safety. Finishing materials and quality of work must meet these requirements.
  2. Presentable interior. The final result of the renovation is a stylish office space, which creates a favorable impression among visitors and employees. It is important to use such finishing materials, which retain an aesthetic appearance for a long time.
  3. Follow the norms of sanitary and hygienic standards. Fitted out office rooms should be comfortable and safe to work. Use of poor-quality materials and questionable technologies is unacceptable. It is important to correctly install ventilation systems, to provide noise insulation.

Experts of Fancy House are ready to offer professional complex repair of office premises in accordance with all relevant building codes and customer wishes.

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