How we work

The design of the project and the control over its implementation are carried out according to the following scenario:

1. The first meeting

The object is discussed. There is an acquaintance of the client with the leading designer.
In our company the creation of an architectural or a design solution is based on the needs of the client. Therefore, it is extremely important to correctly identify the basic wishes, to understand the goals and motives for creating a new object or reconstructing an existing one.

We try to understand this at the first meeting. Face to face meeting is also important because at the on level of feelings both sides should to understand how comfortable they will work together, decide to work together. From the creation a private house or a commercial building design project to the completion of all construction work and filling the interior with furniture, many months of cooperation take place.

2. Analysis of the object

We perform the necessary measurements, make photo fixing of the object and examine the existing communications. Much depends on accurate dimensions, correct analysis of the situation and a responsible approach to business, because errors at this stage can lead to irreversible processes in the design.

Analysis of the object

3. Define the basic design style of the object.

The goal of this stage is to understand what style you like, what things you consider comfortable and comfortable, on what details you should make a special emphasis.

sketch of a basic style of the interior design

4. Development of planning and zoning solutions

According to the compiled view of the client's desires, we create planning solutions that are the basis for design.

planning and zoning of interior design project

5. Creation of the concept of interior design and development of photorealistic 3D visualizations

This stage, perhaps, is the most creative in the life of each project. Here our team of architects, designers and visualizers sets the general tone for the future exterior and interior of a building or building. Here the first sketches are created, the color scale, the architectural space is cut out and zoned. This is also the most difficult stage, because everything must meet the wishes, basic requirements, tastes of the customer and at the same time meet modern quality standards. We need to get realistic pictures that let you see what you get in the final.

 3D visualizations of interior design concept

6. Drawings and working documentation

An important step towards our goal. Everything that was invented at the previous stage must somehow be embodied, so that it is clear to the professional builder and engineer. We make very clear drawings and correct documentation. This is one of the reasons why our customers love us.

drawing of a project

7. Fit out works, project management, design supervision

Working with professional builders and engineers is 70% of the success in implementing the project. The remaining 30% is control over whether the work is done without deviating from the concept of the project.

This is the stage when you can still change anything in the documentation. For example, if we are faced with new constructive or engineering elements that we did not know about before, we can make changes to the design project.

If you completely trust the builders without author's supervision, then, as a rule, the aesthetic component begins to deteriorate, as the builders are trying to speed up the work and do not want to correct anything. Therefore, we have a strong team of our own stitelles and project managers who are working on this problem.

8. Furnishing, filling with design elements and decorating

Many people believe that the furniture should be dealt with after all the construction work is completed. Of course, this is a big mistake. The purchase of kitchen furniture, sanitary ware, furniture, lighting fixtures, and equipment starts at the same time as construction starts. This is necessary in order to draw up a schedule of deliveries and determine the order of construction work.


Fancy master bedroom

9. Handing over

And now, when everything is ready, we present your object to you and are proud of the result of our work.