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Interior design for a mobile truck business: Beauty Salon, Food Truck & other

Mobile truck businesses are becoming very popular in the UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. It all started with food trucks. But in 2018 it is popular to open beauty salons, hairdressers, restaurants, libraries, shops and other trucks.
Clients from all around the UAE come to us to make a design for their trucks, to create a unique beautiful interior and exterior, as well as to arrange an effective plan. If you want to open a mobile truck business and you want to make a unique interior design for the truck, then just contact us.

Custom truck for a mobile beauty salon

The concept of a mobile beauty salon was first developed by the British, but in recent years that has become very popular in the UAE. It's so convenient to set the time and your favorite professional technician will come to the client's home or another place.
To make this business effective, it is necessary to properly organize the truck layout and make an interior design. The visitor should be comfortable and pleasant to get the procedure in it.

If you need professional custom design, contact us, we will create a solution for you. In most cases, we equip a mobile beauty salon so that we turn the car into an improvised barber's cabinet, a manicurist, a massage therapist, etc. Exterior of the car is adorned with an attractive decor and the company logo, providing additional advertising to your business. Inside, as a rule, we divide space into several compartments: driver's cabin, customer waiting (seating) area, customer service area, sanitary-hygienic compartment, and a storage. A beauty salon truck must be comfortable, beautiful and equipped with everything necessary for the work of specialists.

A mobile beauty salon owner story

For several years I worked for the municipality. One day I realized that I no longer want to do routine and monotonous work. After much hesitation and doubt, I finally decided to start a business. I did not have the experience of running my own business, so I decided to do what I love so much. 

I love beauty & treatment, make up. So, I decided to open a beauty salon. It has to be successful haircutting salon. Therefore, it was important to take into account modern technologies and trends, but I did not have a huge budget.
I tried to find such a business that the initial costs were minimal. The concept of a mobile beauty salon is the ideal option. Low costs. It is easy to change the location. I knew If my concept is not successful, then I could easily change the type of service provided. This convinced me to draw decisions to begin. 

I hired a professional company. They chose a truck for me, created a interior design for a beauty salon, helped with the documents. Now I have a successful business. I plan to open to buy a second truck and create a network of beauty salon trucks.

Mobile beauty salon design

A beauty salon in a truck completely changes the traditional view of the beauty salon. This is a modern approach to the usual business. Preparation of a truck for a beauty salon takes approximately 4-5 weeks. During this time, a delightful and functional design will be made. Everything will be thought through to the smallest detail: two comfortable chairs for haircuts, mirrors, equipment for drying hair, it is even possible to install a device for foot massage, etc. 

Customers of your dream salon will admire the comfort and new impressions. A traveling beauty salon can be located in parking lots near hypermarkets and large business centers or come to client's home. Clients no longer have to waste time: your hairdresser is always where the consumer.

Our services for equipping commercial vehicles to beauty salons hairdressers, restaurants, libraries, an ice cream shop and others are available to customers from all over the UAE.

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