Interior design cost & services price list

How much does an interior designer cost in Dubai, UAE?

The price list presented here is a general price list for estimation approximate cost of interior design services. It is not a formal offer.

Interior design services price list

The interior design fees are determined based on the size of your house. To estimate the approximate cost, simply multiply the area of the space by the price indicated below. To calculate an indicative interior design cost, you need only choose the size category of your home and multiply the house size by appropriate charge per square meter you see above.

Project SizePrice
For projects less than 500 sq.m. floor size the interior designing fees are AED 350 per square meterAED 350 PER SQ.M.
The design project cost is AED 150 per sq.m., if your project size is between 500 and 700 sq.m.AED 150 PER SQ.M.
It costs AED 130 per sq.m., if the size of your project is between 700 and 1000 sq.m.AED 130 PER SQ.M.
Get the most discounted price of AED 110 per sq.m. only, if the project size is above 1000 sq.m.AED 110 PER SQ.M.

What the prices include

Presented above indicative price list includes cost of creating a standard interior design project.

  • A design concept to find ideas you like as a concept
  • Space plan with furniture arrangement
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Selection of furniture & materials
  • 2D drawings:
    • Floors drawings
    • Walls (Elevations)
    • Ceiling drawings

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