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Luxury Arabic majlis interior design in Dubai

The Majlis is one of the most important rooms in the house. The Majlis is always in the public part of the house. Often this part of the house may differ significantly from the private part of the house, due to the fact that beauty prevails over functionality.

Majlis decoration

Fretworks create the main decorations in the classical majlis interior design. The beauty of the modern majlis design is created due to elegant luxurious textures. The material and the small details that underline the material are the most important. We recommend the use of gold items, gold edgings and narrow strips, carved moldings.

A special role is played by the ceiling. We create unusual forms of the majlis ceiling. We strive to make the ceiling as high as possible to provide a feeling of a large beautiful space. The ceiling shape, patterns on the walls and the waterjet on the floor express the owner image. But the forms of Arabic arches and Arabian patterns give the traditional atmosphere.

The latest trend of fashion is the use of a family name in the majlis decoration. Therefore, each design is absolutely unique. Our specialists strive to understand the client and to show the family image in the interior.

We are ready not only to develop a unique interior, but also to fill it with unique furniture created specially for you. Our designer invents furniture items with family signs. Such furniture will reflect the individuality of the owner. Your design and furniture will be absolutely unique. For example, we can make embroidery of a family name with gold, silver, beads and other materials.

Owners are facing a difficult task, how to make your house unique. We will creatively solve the task. Our designers have a keen understanding of the client and are able to reproduce that in the majlis interior design.

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Luxury Arabic majlis interior design Dubai

arabic majlis interior design in Dubai

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Modern luxury materials in the majelis design.

The most expensive materials are used in the entrance area and the Majlis. It is marble, onyx, gold, wood, interspersed crystals, real pearls. It often uses sophisticated marble cutting, even if other rooms do not have that

We use expensive sort of wood to create a luxurious majlis interior design. However, to make the modern style we use the wood only for decoration of arches and Arab patterns. The structure of the wood gives the impressive modern natural look.

Modern majlis design requires non-standard color transitions and the use of several types of metal: gold, silver and pink silver, platinum, brass. To create the right combination of the colors is a challenge for the designer, our specialists are ready to realize that. Our designers have a great experience of creating chic and luxury due to the textures, materials, exclusive details.

Arabic majlis interior design

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Modern luxury arabic majlis design Dubai

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