Modern Arabic Majlis Interior Design in Dubai

Bespoke luxury interior design and decorations are crafted for traditional Arabic sitting rooms, or majlis, blending modern and classical Islamic styles. A majlis, being one of the most important rooms in a house, represents the owner to formal guests. Therefore, the design of a majlis often differs significantly from the private areas of the home, reflecting its distinct purpose and cultural significance.

Luxury Majlis interior designs

Fretwork brings a principal decorative touch to classical majlis interior design. The allure of modern majlis design lies in its elegant and luxurious textures and patterns. The materials and subtle details that highlight these elements are of utmost importance, incorporating gold accents, such as gold edging, slender stripes, and carved moldings, to enhance the richness of the design.

Modern men's majlis with marble cladding decorations
seating with long sofas with a minimalist ceiling decor
Contemporary style seating Interior Design in a Dubai Arab house
Traditional Arabic Majlis living room with Arches and modern sofas
Arabian majlis seating in a palace house in Dubai
Beautiful simple Arabian living room
Arabic majlis interior design envelops you in a world of refinement with its serene white palette adorned with captivating blue pillows and decor

Typically, the most expensive finishes are used for the entrance hall and the Majlis in a house. As a rule, these include marble, onyx, gold, wood, interspersed crystals, and real pearls. Often, sophisticated marble cutting techniques are employed for these areas. However, it is acceptable even if other rooms do not have such finishes. A special role plays the ceiling decoration: unusual forms and sophisticated decor on it. It is recommended to make maximum high here to provide a feeling of a large beautiful space. The perfect solution is double void and to hand a grand chandelier.

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