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The home interior design is created by one of top residential home interior design companies in Dubai. We present one of our modern house project made in 2019 year in a contemporary luxury style.

The Dubai villa decor and internal design is developed by our designers as an open space concept. It means we minimize amount of walls. Instead of it the transparent partitions, glass and empty space are zoning the living area. The ground floor has 2 formal sittings & dinning, family living with a show kitchen, as well as a main staircase. All these rooms are combined into a single space. Take a look at this stunning villa and make sure in the our designers work.

Dubai home decor and interior design | 2019 year projects

Designers of Fancy house interior design company in Dubai created a beautiful light house. There are large windows in full growth, white marble on the floor and on the walls. Also, we used light wood and live plants & even trees. Thus, the premises is an oasis of freshness, which is so lacking in the homes of the UAE. At the same time, it is filled with details and dark accents, fashionable  rose gold finish, made of stainless steel strips.

Formal living room

The lounge consists of 2 sittings and a main dining. You can see, all of them as a large space separated by decor & finish materials. The center of the space is emphasized by book matched marble stone. The decorators came up with original decor for the columns: large sheets of gold steel ringed them. This creates a very elegant decorative effect.

Large open sitting-room in contemporary style
Contemporary style living room decoration solution.

Floating staircase design

A floating stair is an excellent decoration for any modern home interior design. It looks stylish and such staircases are very functional. Here we decorated it with real plants to bring green eco style to the living room. The hedge made this place where you want to stay.

local home interior designers.

Family living room & a kitchen bar

The family sitting is not separated from the formal part, so our designers used the same decoration elements and flooring. However, the interior decoration is dominated by wooden cover here.

contemporary villa design in UAE.
High end residential interior decoration.

Did you notice the marble cladding on the wall near the window? We made a book matching marble inside and outside the building. An impressive effect when the room smoothly transitions to the villa exterior.

The Master bedroom

The master bedroom is made in light pastel colors with an inlaid of gold strips. The bedroom has the same decorative motifs that are presented on the ground floor areas.

Bespoke high-end master bedroom decoration solution for a couple.
Modern bedroom inner decor solution with a large bed and 2 nice armchairs.

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House interior design ● Dubai UAE, 2019

Our specialists do a mix of fashion ideas and trends with the correct geometry and zoning and decoration rules.

A fancy house is creating by a professionals with a refined taste.

Hire us, a professional home interior decorating company, to realize it.

Our designers will create a perfect one according to your nature and requirements.


There are our actual for 2019 year prices for home interior design services. Our fees are fixed and depends only on a house size.



It includes a full interior design project with 3D visualizations, drawings, selection of furniture and materials.


- 60%


150 Dhs per sq.m. for 500-700 sq.meters villas

- 65%


130 Dhs is for 700-1000 sq.m. projects.

- 70%


110 Dhs per sq.m. for villas above 1000 sq. meters

To get more cost information and what’s included in it, visit the pricing page.

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