What Are the Types of Sliding Wardrobes and Its Benefits?

A long sliding door wooden wardrobe with mirrors

Modern homeowners seek furniture that not only embodies contemporary aesthetics but also offers practical functionality. It suits the fast-paced lifestyle prevalent in bustling cities all around the globe. In recent years, significant advancements have been witnessed in bedroom furniture, addressing the demands for space efficiency and time-saving solutions.

In particular, wardrobes have transformed, transitioning from standalone pieces to integrated fixtures within wall structures. Amidst a vast array, bespoke sliding wardrobes in Cambridge represent a sophisticated evolution in design, blending practicality with elegance to enhance interior decor. Keep reading to learn more about sliding wardrobes, including their types, door mechanisms, and benefits.

Types of Sliding Wardrobes

The following are the most popular options for sliding wardrobes:

2-door Sliding Wardrobe

This wardrobe features two sliding doors that glide along a track, offering easy access to your belongings. With options ranging from mirrored panels to wood or glass, it optimises space in compact bedrooms, making it a popular choice for smaller living spaces.

3-door Sliding Wardrobe

Designed with three sliding doors, this wardrobe provides generous storage capacity, making it ideal for larger bedrooms. Customisable with various finishes and storage solutions like shelves and drawers, it offers versatility while maximising space utilisation.

Mirrored Sliding Door Wardrobes

These wardrobes combine functionality and style, integrating storage with full-length mirrors. They cater to both practical and aesthetic needs. Available in diverse styles, sizes, and materials, they suit bedrooms of any size, adding depth and functionality to the space.

Vinyl-clad Sliding Wardrobe

Featuring vinyl-coated wardrobe door panels, these wardrobes offer durability and easy maintenance. Assembly is hassle-free, requiring no permanent fixtures. They come in an array of textures and colours, including wood grain, blending with any bedroom decor.

Multi-panel Sliding Wardrobe

With multiple panels adorning each door, these wardrobes offer versatility in design, shape, and size. Panels can consist of various materials like wood or glass, with configurations ranging from two to four panels per door. They are customisable and modern, providing aesthetic appeal for those seeking a personalised touch to their space.
A wall unit with a sliding doors and a built in desk

Various Sliding Door Mechanisms

  • Overhead Roller Mechanism: This mechanism involves installing rollers at the top of the doors, allowing for smooth sliding motion. As the doors are suspended from the top of the frame, they move freely without bearing any weight, optimising ease of use.
  • Floor-mounted Wheel Mechanism: Utilising wheels at the bottom of the doors, this mechanism is a cost-effective alternative to overhead rollers. While offering affordability, it requires regular maintenance of the sliding channels to ensure seamless operation.
  • Vertical Sliding System: Characterised by doors that slide vertically, this mechanism is typically found in pre-designed wardrobes. Wheels installed on the sides facilitate the upward and downward movement of the doors, although at a higher cost compared to other options.
  • Folding Door Mechanism: Ideal for maximising space efficiency, collapsible doors open outward and can be folded in half, reducing spatial requirements. This mechanism combines the functionality of traditional doors with a contemporary design, offering a versatile solution for modern living spaces.

Benefits of Sliding Wardrobes

  • Sliding door wardrobes optimise floor space, contributing to a clutter-free appearance in your bedroom without requiring additional room.
  • With a diverse range of colours, finishes, and styles available, sliding wardrobes provide ample options to harmonise with the overall ambience of your living space.
  • Adapted to fit the specific dimensions of your bedroom, they can be personalised to maximise storage efficiency while maintaining a cohesive look.
  • Tailored to suit your interior design preferences, sliding wardrobes offer full customisation. They ensure seamless integration with the aesthetic of your bedroom.
  • Sliding wardrobes, if crafted from premium material, promise a prolonged lifespan and sustained functionality.
  • Opening and closing sliding wardrobes is effortless and requires minimal exertion, featuring a range of sliding mechanisms.
  • The impeccable, sleek finish of sliding wardrobes imparts a sophisticated touch to your bedroom, infusing the space with a contemporary feel.

Choosing the Best Bespoke Furniture Provider

At Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, our team comprises seasoned professionals with expertise and certification, dedicated to crafting bespoke sliding wardrobes for our clientele. From 2-door to 4-door configurations, we accommodate various sizes to suit your needs.
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Our offerings extend to bedside tables, dressing units, chest of drawers, bespoke alcove units in London, home office furniture, and media units, all meticulously designed to elevate your living spaces. Our knowledgeable staff assists you in navigating the selection process, offering guidance on design, style, and colour options. We extend complimentary design consultations to our valued customers. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

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