Decoration solution feels as a luxury inn bedchamber.

How to make hotel style bedroom interior design, that looks and feel like a hotel room

Hotel style interior looks great and very convenient. Many people remain delighted with luxurious and elegant rooms in expensive modern hotels. So why not make your master bedroom design like a hotel room. Moreover, now this idea is becoming more popular in Dubai.

In our portfolio there are many fine bedrooms in hotels: luxurious, spacious, shining.

5 star decor at a private home in Dubai.

Rooms in the hotel have a small enough space. The same time there are wonderful and convenient conditions for a variety of activities. Do the same with your room. In order to realize in your house a dream of such an interior, you need an area from 20 square meters. Perfect if the room has a lot of light coming through the large full high windows or from the balcony.

The first step is to determine what kind of activity you want to lead in the bedroom except sleep! And after that we will start planning the room space. It can be an area for sleeping (bed), for reading (armchairs or a sofa with coffee table), a place to work (table) and bathroom.

boutique inn manner home ideas.
How to make my bedroom look like a hospitality.


The interior design in the hotel style is made from the finest materials: natural wood, glossy panels, velvet, silk. The shades are mostly dark, giving the room an element of mystery.

To decorate the walls, we recommend choosing decorative plaster or paint, or dense wallpaper. Flooring: ceramic tile, natural board or marble. It should be noted that in this bedroom I always put a carpet, so it will be the decoration of the floor, and the floor covering will give solidity and natural luxury.

Make your private home feels as a hospitality bedchamber.
luxury headboards.

Fabrics in the hotel style interiors

Curtains, bedspreads and even bed linens should complement the interior accents of the decor. Trust the sewing of curtains and cover for professional seamstresses. Piece design is a sign of delicate taste, which perfectly corresponds to the requirement of luxury style.

An interesting solution in the hotel style is to focus on pillows and curtains, but we recommend performing them from different fabrics. Here there are options: fabrics of one shade, but of different texture and pattern or vice versa. For example, curtains and bedspreads without a pattern, cushions with a complex pattern, monophonic bedding without a pattern.

Master suite decorations at your house.
Inn sleeping premises interior decoration at home.


The hotel style bedroom decor style often based on warm, calm, bright colors and tones, visually increasing the space. Design can be made in a single color scheme or we can create a color zoning using different shades of the same color or 2-3 close colors. Color accents are created with the help of paintings and individual decor items, textiles: curtains, bedspreads, blankets, furniture covers, carpets and so on.

Luxurious master suite decoration concept.
Inn suite interior design at home.

Furniture as in hotels

The hotel style bedroom furniture includes a large double bed, elegant bedside tables with table lamps, carpet, armchairs, sofa or couch, coffee table, make-up area, hanging lamps and floor lamps. There is everything for active life and recreation.


Large bedchamber with wall headboard as in a luxury guesthouse.
Hospitality apartment interior decoration at home.


The decisive role in the hotel style bedroom design is played by a bed.

Especially carefully it is recommended to think over the headboard for the bed, which should fit in the general appearance of the interior. You can replace the headboard with a canopy over the bed, made of heavy golden fabric, for example.

The bed should have a cover of a different color: saturated dark colors, complex shades provide a superb effect. Bedspread, usually made of thick fabric.

Notice the small decorative pillows, which look so good on the bed. Multi-colored pads on the bed will complement the overall style of the room. There are many options for decorating the sleeping room with pillows of different size, style, color and pattern. In addition, they are so convenient to use during reading.


Image of inn premises.
Luxury home design ideas.
Your house look like a 5 star inn.

Dressing table

If space allows, put in the room a dressing table, which will turn morning beauty guidance into a real ritual. Moreover, the nice dressing table is a fashionable trend in the interior design of the bedroom in 2018.

How to make your home look like an inn.
Inn room interior decoration at home


In contrast to the hotel, where many different people live, in private home it is appropriate to put family photos, as well as pictures of classical or contemporary artists and photographers.

Bedroom hotel manner decorating ideas.

Lighting as in the hotel

Do not forget about high-quality lighting. The bedroom in the hotel design requires a balance of lighting: this style does not tolerate the hassles created by very bright lighting, but weak light does not suit also. Especially important are proper lighting of the entrance area, work area and bathroom. As a rule for this purpose we use pendant lights, built-in rotary lamps, illumination near the mirror and table lamps.

There a require for additional lamps over the bed and table lamps on both sides of the bed. Also place several floor lamps in different areas of the room. To achieve the desired effect, priority is given to sconces and floor lamps, not to chandeliers.

Often used a lighting system:

  • switches with two or three lighting options and a control panel at the bed,
  • lighting system (automatically when the doors open,
  • reading lights at bed with individual controls,
  • lots of illumination in the bathroom, around the mirror.
Decorated sleeping premises like a suite.
Hotel room decor solution.

Bathroom design as in hotels

Glazed shower room, where the flow of water is directed to cover the whole body. A free stand bath or jacuzzi. A pair of deep sinks with large mirrors behind them, a neat pile of fresh and delicate towels and bathrobe.  Everything creates an atmosphere of bliss and ease. The master bathroom serves not only hygiene, but delicate sensual joy.



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